What to expect

The content of this website is the variety of projects I’ll be working on from now on, as well as some I’ve already done. Expect plenty of random programming projects, as well as a game every now and then. I’m not sure where my future will be taking me, but I hope that as I work on my education I’ll be able to share what I’ve done. In addition to programming projects and games, I’ll occasionally post musical things, such as playthroughs of songs I like on the piano, songs of my own creation, and even covers of songs. I hope to make this website a compilation of my life’s activities.

Where to go now

If you simply want to read about me, go to my about me page. If you want my project feed, where each of my projects appear chronologically, go here. If you’ve decided you simply can’t stand this website any longer, I’ve provided a nice link to google.