The Florchestra is an electro-mechanical musical project which uses a few Raspberry Pis and 8 floppy drives to play (buzzing) music.

Falling Text

Falling Text is a project I made for CS3200. You can input text, which then rains from the top of the screen while rendering with depth.

Beta Website

This website was made very quickly for a web final two years ago, so a week ago I started creating a new version of it.

Web Puzzles

An easier set of web puzzles.


Hackbox is an incremental game I began working on a month ago, where the objective is to gain currency from cracking hashes. I'm trying my best to keep it true to real cybersecurity.


One of our projects for Codeschool this summer was to recreate 2048. While the teacher was showing everyone else how to do it in his own style, I programmed it my own way while listening only to music.

Game Ideas Twitter Bot

One of many things that rubbed off on me from my ex was a love for Twitter bots. The first actual bot I made was one that generates a random game idea using different chunks of text.


Another project I did for CS3200 was a basic fullstack application, where messages could be posted by any client and stored in the room.

Personnel Information

Yet another project for CS3200 was a more advanced fullstack application, using an actual SQL database and complex API endpoints to store and display various personnel for a generic fake company in an organized manner.